Looking back to my younger years I’ve come to realise that I was always a photographer at heart, looking through a lens is where I was happiest and then being able to see what I have captured made my heart smile.


The true spark came when my sister had a baby girl named Gabriella I wanted to take beautiful pictures of her even before she was born. I quickly began to realise the importance of light in capturing a stunning image.


My love to this day for capturing beautiful images just gets stronger….


Being able to photograph people in love is my dream come true!


Photographing the small details in a wedding is what I love, the groom secretly wiping away a tear or two and the mother of the bride overwhelmed by her daughter’s beauty.


The whole process of capturing weddings is magical!

I’m a hopeless romantic who would marry my amazing husband again in a heartbeat and I would have my three adorable dogs in my wedding party.


Lots of love









© Sherri James Photography